Hosted Solutions and Cloud Computing For Small Businesses

It seems like every business needs a computer. Tracking vital data, sending information to partners in a secure manner, even something as simple as checking business email requires a computer. Unfortunately, business owners can’t rely on just any computing solution. Without a properly secure computer, business owners are putting their confidential information as well as their customer’s confidential data at risk. If a hacker manages to penetrate the system there’s no telling how bad the losses might be. Most importantly, the business owner will lose the confidence of their customers. A bad experience can be fixed so the customer comes back, losing credit card data can’t be fixed. The business owner will lose their customer permanently for such as violation of trust. When it comes to Info Tech solutions, only a professional service will do.

Hosted solutions are becoming much more popular these days and not just because it costs less while remaining just as powerful. The best part about a hosted solution is that the business owner doesn’t have to invest in hardware, they simply pay a flat monthly fee for the service. The service provider owns the servers, which means they are responsible for the upkeep of those servers. When it comes time to replace the server or upgrade hardware, the service provider is responsible. If it comes time to update system software, the service provider is responsible. Moreover, the service provider is responsible for paying staff members to provide maintenance, saving the business owners tens of thousands in labor costs for the year. That alone is enough of a reason for most business owners to consider a hosted computing solution.

Hosted solutions work in the cloud. This means that instead of just one server, the business owner is actually leasing several different servers. This doesn’t affect the price, just the reliability of the service. What’s so great about the cloud is that even if the server goes down, there’s another server with the exact same data and resources available almost instantly. Because the service provider offers an uptime guarantee, there’s no need to worry if the server goes down, because the cloud will have back up and running in no time.