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Up Your Espionage Game with these 6 Spy Equipment Types

If you are on a spy mission that is meant to uncover information about something or someone, there is a need to get yourself the best spy gear you can find. As much as you may have the best espionage skills, there are places you cannot go due to various reasons. What’s more, spying is only fun if your identity remains concealed at all times. Next are 6 spy gear types that every covert mission requires.

The use of phone data recovery stick has revolutionized spying since virtually every expert in the field owns one of these devices. Regardless of the operating system used in a handheld device, it is possible to recover every bit of data that has been deleted if you use this stick. If for instance, you suspect your spouse for cheating on you, there is no need to use all other crude means of gathering evidence if you have this device at your disposal.

Your average cigarette lighter is now a powerful covert piece of equipment that is capable of gathering video and audio evidence. Just turn on the device and leave it at your target location since you will get every bit of information when you return from your activities.

If you want to carry out certain activities without interruption, cellular jammers will help you in such a mission tremendously by turning off all cellular signals. In the past, cell phone jammers were only used by military personnel, but they are now common and very affordable.

Following your partner to everywhere he or she goes to uncover her infidelity is now not necessary. It is even unnecessary to snoop on their phone because there could be no evidence there too. The answer to your hunch about him or her cheating can be found in a semen detection kit. It contains a special substance that turns purple when it comes into contact with dry or wet semen, and that is all the evidence you need to see a marriage counselor or call it quits.

The problem with most covert data collection devices is that people move them accidentally, rendering them useless. A solution is now available and it comes in the form or audio and video recording equipment inside an electrical outlet.

An employer who wants to learn if his employees actually work or spend all their time on social media can make unannounced visits to their desks or use a keylogger plug that records all the keystrokes that a computer keyboard makes. In addition to running in the background to conceal its presence, the device does not use up computer resources, and it does not lose data when unplugged.

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